Chemical nickel

Field of application


The chemical nickel procedure is a precipitation of extremely corrosion-resistant coats with a phosphor content of 9 - 13%. Steel, alloys, non-ferrous metals and aluminium can be provided with a high-quality coating with the respective pretreatment. Mechanical engineering and coal mining, food, chemical and electronic industry as well as plastics, textile, paper and packaging industry belong to the fields of application.


Properties of nickel-phosphor coats


  • Uniform coat thickness in contrast to galvanic coats – dimensional accuracy
  • Very good corrosion protection thanks to the use of phosphor
  • Achievement of high hardness, 500 to 1100 HV
  • Excellent tribological characteristics - friction and abrasion protection
  • Good solderability
  • Distinctive boundary layer function (electronics)
  • Use as drum and frame
  • Elongation at fracture 1.5 - 2.0%
  • Compressive strength (MTO) < 10 on the basis of 5 g/l Ni
  • Unmagnetic; after heat treatment ferromagnetic
  • Appearance bright semi-brilliance
  • Melting point 860-880°
  • Precipitation rate 10-15µm/h
  • Precipitation temperature 85-92°

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